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Connected company webinar: From My Data to Our Data - Learnings from driving privacy, governance and transparency in an enterprise setting
The term “Data-driven” is usually used when talking about using data from the commercial consumer or IoT/machinery, considering only those sets of risks and opportunities. But what about the data we create every day in our work lives? How can we harness the opportunities of our own, in-house, data to supercharge our organization and support the learning and development of our professionals? How do we do that in a considerate manner?

In this webinar Waliyah Sahqani, Transparency-driven Designer, and Nelli Myllylä, Data Transformation Lead from Futurice, and Teemu Ropponen, General Manager of MyData Global, discuss how transparency can help organizations and employees to develop an understanding of the value of their data and tap into its hidden potential.

They will:

Discuss how employee data differs from individual, consumer service data by nature.

Tell the story of how Futurice has developed its Our Data thinking, tools and processes.

Share 2 demos about the new Data Sensitivity Mapping canvas as well as the Our Data service prototype.

This is the fourth webinar of a five-episode webinar series with live solutions and prototypes as examples, sharing the story of how we are on this journey and concretely transforming, exploring and learning on this new and interesting domain or data & AI.

Join us to hear our greatest victories and biggest challenges along this journey!
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